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Il Querceto is a 35 hectares farm, situated on a hill at the foot of an oak forest. Protected to the north by a high mountain: the Volturino, which comes right down to the stone houses. There, the oak forest gives space to an olive grove, a vineyard, an apple orchard and fields of wheat and corn. To the south is the Agri valley, while to the east is the medieval village of Marsicovetere.

You will find here a wild pasture, an underground spring and a magic circle with a large oak tree in the centre. The organic farm is ICEA certified and in recent years it has also been using biodynamic methods. We have horses and poultry and cultivate forage crops in rotation to help the soil fertility. The farm was also called La terra di Nancy and has been running for 20 years to promote the development of eco-friendly initiatives and human development. On this theme we also organise seminars and workshops aimed at achieving well being. We foster the development of organic and biodynamic farming, the maintenance of biodiversity and promote research and testing of energy saving building techniques.

English is spoken on the farm. 

Italian Hospitality Mark
Il Querceto has obtained the Italian Hospitality Mark in 2005 >> Certification
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